Making the NHS work

So the other day i couldn’t believe i had my grand children over for the weekend as mum and dad had some dinner date, i have them some weekends anyhow to give mum and dad a break. Well i got the kiddies loads of treats like you do. Yes i know that sugary things are not so good for you teeth. Well you couldn’t t be any more right or more truth in that statement. So it was the toffees yes the toffees there i was chewing away and you would never believe it i yanked out one of my fillings! OMG the pain i just didn’t know what to do. Everywhere was closed i had the kids and hubby was away fishing. I was screwed. Living in Windsor only shortly i had not even registered for a dentist yet. So my first job of the morning wad to go and find myself a new dentist. How great is that dentist hunting in the royal town on Windsor. So there was a few option for me. i found a few like castle view, Windsor smiles but the place that really stood out for me was Sensura Dental 120 st leonards road. I have to say from the first phone call i was pleasantly greeted and explained this issue with my teeth from the night before. The receptionist was so helpful and got me in that morning and the dentist was great too. Ive gone down as a NHS patient first but the great thing is they are a full cosmetic dental practice too so if i every fancy some veneers or implants then i have it all available to me in the one practice. How exciting is this! So i went in and they fixed my filling and out me a lovely white one in i think they called it composite bonding. Anyway one filling later a scale and polish later and i was all good to go. I have to say though i really do fancy a set of new teeth. They look like they so some great teeth work in there. Im just not sure weather to have the implants or the veneers its quite a big choice. Anyway i will leave some links to the pages so you can check them out yourself. If you’re looking for NHS Dentist Windsor click there or if you fancy something a little more cosmetic on the private side then taker a look at Sensura veneers or dental implants. I will keep you updated on the decision i make and share some before and after pictures with you. until them over and out.