Tables & Centerpieces

Furniture can make great centre piece. So rather then making a specific centre pice for a table at a function or a wedding the you could actually make the tale itself the part to look at. There are so many styles and options available today that you can literally choose from an abundance of different styles from large black glass tables to cute little nested sets. For those of you that would prefer to buy a great nested tables click that link I’ve used them before and to those of you that like get hands on then follow my tutorial below.

Ok, so I REALLY enjoy coming up with centerpieces. I’ve been asked to do centerpieces for quite a few functions over the years and have enjoyed each one. It started with my sisters wedding centerpieces:

I believe this was my mothers idea. My husband and I had so much fun setting those up and it really ignited within me a love for doing centerpieces!

The Precious Moments figurines were Christmas ornaments that were battery operated and the little lamps were lit for the reception. So fun! (The battery packs are hidden by the blanket of snow.)

We couldn’t find enough of those ornaments for each table so half the tables had burgundy garland beds topped with hunter green ball ornaments.

I’m sure you’ve figured out that she got married in December 🙂 The hurricane lamps are sitting on canning jar lids, just the ring part, wrapped in ribbon, and then some greenery was added to the outside, and then “snow” was sprinkled on the top!

I wanted to include the centerpieces from my reception here also, but I don’t have any digital shots of them and I am having technical difficulties with my scanner. So, I’ve decided only to show a few centerpieces in this post and will have separate posts for the others. Some just deserve their own spotlight anyway!

Moving on….

This was for a youth etiquette dinner at church. Obviously the inspiration was from my sisters reception, but I used smaller hurricane lamps here.

I used small clear beads to make it look like the pine cones were sitting on ice. I scattered a few beads around the outside of the glass. Some “icy” greenery is tucked in there. I also used canning jar lids for the lamps to sit on, but instead of wrapping them with ribbon, I used tulle ribbon and made big loops around the ring. Then I added some white wedding ribbon (it’s stiffer) and wrapped big loops (kind of between and on top of the tulle) around the entire ring. I used scrapbook paper as the center square. So much easier than making them out of fabric!

This was for a luncheon.

Really simple. Take an ivy bowl and fill the bottom with clear sparklies or beads. Add water just to the height of the sparklies. I used the blossoms from my crab apple tree that happened to be blooming at the time and just added some until it looked right. Then I wrapped some pink tulle around the bowl and added a few more blossoms. Soft and sweet!

Recently I was asked to decorate for a small, family only wedding reception. I had a ball! I did have to step out of my comfort zone a little during the course of things BUT I learned a lot about myself and came up with some nice ideas. As you’ve come to know by now, my camera and picture taking skills are seriously lacking. (Someday, I will have a nice camera. I’ll even learn how to use it!) And actually, when I was trying to take pictures of the reception, the camera batteries were very low which amplified the heinousness… so I ended up with a few shots like this:

Which actually works out kind of great for a teaser. That’s right, I’m going to put the better pictures in a seperate post! =)

What things have come up in your life that required you to step outside your comfort zone but in the end made you better as a person or at what you do? Or what circumstances have you find yourself in that created a new love in your life?

Have a great weekend!