DIY Shelf with Hanging Storage Tutorial

DIY Shelf with Hanging Storage Tutorial
This was one of my entries in Season 14 of So You Think You’re Crafty. It goes together in about a day when you factor in drying time.

I wanted this shelf to be as wide as the TV that hangs above it. The TV measures 63.5 inches wide so I decided the shelf would look nice at 63 inches wide plus trim. I needed a plank for the top, a plank below the top (to get the layered look) and a plank for the vertical board. In order to get the right shelf depth for the brackets, I needed a 10 inch deep plank. I picked up two 1x10x8 pine planks and one 1x8x8 pine plank and three 6×8 pine shelf brackets and some trim.

I marked each plank where they needed to be cut. The top board needed to be 63 inches wide. The board below that 61.25 inches and that vertical board 59.5 inches. Basically I wanted the bottom board to be 1.75 inches shorter than the top board and the vertical board 1.75 inches shorter than the bottom board so when stacked and centered, they tiered 3/4 of an inch on each side.

I cut them with a miter saw because I didn’t have another option. The 10 inch planks were too deep for a single pass cut so I flipped them over to finish the cut. Once the boards were cut, it was time to attach them together.

Spread a bead of wood glue on the vertical board (1×10) along the edge where when flipped up…
it lines up with the side of the underneath plank (1×8).
Drill a pilot hole for your wood screw through the vertical plank into the underneath plank. The bit should be slightly smaller than your screw. Then use a recess bit over the pilot hole. You want the screw recessed because this board will be on the wall and you’ll want it to hang flush with the wall.
Screw the planks together with 2 inch wood screws. I put in four (somewhat evenly spaced) along the length of the vertical board.

Next is preparing the brackets for the curtain rod.

Mark where you want the center of the hole to be. I marked it this way: from the corner I measured one inch across the top and then two inches down.
Tape two brackets together.
Drill a pilot hole, making sure you at least get partially through the bracket underneath. If you don’t have a vice or good clamps, find a brave soul willing to hold them while you drill (I got my husband for this part). Separate the two brackets, then complete the pilot hole on the bottom bracket. Then for the third bracket, line it up with and tape it to one of the brackets with the drilled pilot hole and put the drill through the pilot hole and drill the partial pilot hole in the third bracket. Then complete the pilot hole as before once you separate the brackets.
Using a wood boring drill bit and the pilot hole as your guide, drill holes into each bracket. One at a time. I used a 3/4 inch bit because the curtain rod I used has a 5/8 inch diameter.

Next you attach the brackets to the basic shelf.

Remove the hardware that they come with.
Drill 2 pilot holes on the vertical plank and one pilot hole on the underneath plank going through to the bracket. Do this for all 3 with the recessed bit.
Apply glue to the brackets and attach to the shelf with wood screws.

Next is adding the top plank (1×10).

To the underneath plank, apply wood glue on the top.
Line up the top plank so that it’s straight and centered. Clamp it to the underneath plank.
Drill two pilot holes at each end from under the bottom plank partway into the top plank. Use a recessed bit here as well.
Screw in 1-1/4 inch wood screws.
Fill in the recesses with wood filler.

Let the wood filler and glue dry. I sanded down the wood filler and added some more in a few spots. Once that dried again, I sanded it down again. I allowed the wood glue to dry for a couple hours.

Now comes the trim. For the bottom plank I used cove molding. For the top plank I used a molding that would provide a “lip” so that things on the shelf won’t slide off. I used liquid nails to attach the trim because I do not have a brad nailer. It’s on the list of tools to buy. I had to clamp it down because the trim would pop up a bit. After clamping it, I let it dry over night. I’m a novice miter cutter but wood filler is my best friend in these situations 🙂 After the wood filler dried, I sanded it and the shelf was ready to paint!

I decided on black since the TV is big and black. Once the paint was dry, I slid in the curtain rod through the holes in the brackets. Then using black zip ties, I hung the baskets.

And here it is!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Thank you so much for voting for me and thanks also to Missy for hosting this fun competition! 🙂