Lamp Shade Makeover

I took inspiration from Jen of Craft-O-maniac and her wire ribbon ruffle lampshade that she did, and took this lamp, which I embellished I dont know how many years ago:

and added ribbon ruffles. My ribbon isn’t as wide as what Jen used and instead of cutting one edge of the ribbon off, I just pulled the wire out. I didn’t want the frayed edge, nor did I want fray check or melted ribbon edge because those looks don’t go with the overall look of the room. Working from the bottom up, I added each layer of ribbon:

And here’s the finished product:

Not perfect, but it’s good enough until the next makeover 🙂 I was also lazy and didnt remove the old embellishings (that should be a word). Lazy because it turned out it was going to be harder to do than I thought. So I left them on! And thats ok.