Push in Veneers

Okay so last time i was here i told you about my dreaded filling that come out and told you about the great dental practice that I found. I also mentioned that i was thinking about getting some veneers or dental implant treatment, basically i was going to treat myself to a little something and hey i work hard so i think i deserve it. the more i looked into the treatments the more i released that it was going to cost thousands. Dental veneers cost a lot of money and dental implants cost a lot more and i mean a lot more like dental implants would be setting be back near 100k and dental veneers would be costing around 15k. Still debating what to do as i have my mind set on the new smile i dream for and also something i ver told you before is I’m scared of the dentist lol. Well anyway i found something amazing check this out. They do press on veneers a company called Wow Smile in Surrey and London offer this fantastic system. This is how it works. You order an impression kit from them or pop into the clinic and they take an impression from your mouth or you send one of your mouth from he home impression kit into them and they then wait for it. They are a complete set on removable veneers. Can you believe it they literally make you a complete arch of new teeth. You can eat drink and speak in them the only thing the recommend is that you take them out at night. The best bit is the price. So for around 700 you can have complete new smile with clip on veneers that you can take in and out and you can choose the shade. I will be going for the Essex white bleach shade of course. When i get them i will share some pictures but i will grab there video of youtube to how you. Clip in veneers are awesome there is a company i saw on twitter

Push on veneers