Terra Cotta Candy Corn Pots

I decided to give these out to the ladies I visit teach this year and thought I’d do a post about them. They’re pretty self explanatory. Old idea. No new spin.

Take terra cotta pots (I like the narrow ones with the tall rims that Michael’s carries for this project):

Paint a few coats of gloss acrylic paint. (Doesn’t have to be enamel) I’ve seen these with yellow on the bottom but I like yellow on the open end… they look more like the candies that way. You can free hand it or tape it off if you prefer clean lines.

Once a color of paint has dried, add the next color until your pots are completely painted. I paint the inside of the rim as well so it looks more finished.

You can put a face on them or spell out ‘trick or treat’ or whatever. I decided to leave them as is.

Have you seen the Candy Corn M&M’s yet??

I thought they’d be nice add to the candy corn!

Easy-peasy. And cute 🙂

Have a great weekend!