The will of my first post for a what seems a lifetime

Hello dear followers, I’m sorry i have not been around for a while or had time to write any of my latest creations up. Quite frankly I have not had time to make anything recently. All my projects have gone on the back burner for a little while at least until me and the family can resolve the horrid devastating situations that we have been battling. Sadly my dear father past away suddenly but peacefully in his sleep. Well we think he was sleeping at this point none of us really know. Anyhow long story short it turns out my father had never left a will. He split from my mother years back but they had a business together and to save the dismantle of the family business and family home they continued to work alongside each other but father was always meant to leave mum one of the premises or something it is very complicated and was all meant to be sorted but as the whims of life continue and their relationship amicable and of corse no one expects to die…… it turns out these documents or anything was ever put into place and now poor mummy has had the account frozen and his new lady friend that has only been around for a very short amount of time has everything or is set to have everything. Its a nightmare. then it got me thinking about my family, my children, my mum, my husband. Then it dawned on me well for us we really need to get  will. Something that my children can ensure their futures with that no one can detest that mine and Marks wishes are held to. So while i was helping with the funeral arrangements I thought it was a good time to see who was about and who could offer what services in the terms of wills last testaments. I started off looking at the national big players. They seemed okay. I like to sometimes go to the smaller guy knowing that I’m helping the circle of life. You all know me my darlings. The big brands are just yuck like co-op and the like. I made a shortlist and looked what was on offer. Home visits- no home visits- joint wills- lpa services- will storage – last testimony there were a few with some good offerings anyhow i then scaled my search down to locality and do you know my darlings the one company that stood out for me also had a locality in Birmingham, so I did it i called them. What can I say fantastic. It was another Mark not my Mark that answered he was lovely and we arranged a home visit. When he arrived we sat down he talked us through everything and the best thing is that he explained everything in such a simple and understanding way it was amazing and me and my Mark were just so pleased. I know you’re all asking yourself who is this wonderful  Mark and where does he come from. My darlings he comes from a firm called WSL LTD. If any of you are looking for a will or lpa then give them a call I will list there national not Northampton number  call them on 0208 380 0333 you can also go straight to the website WSL Will Writing Services. I promise you all once the funeral and everything is out the way I will return and I have some really cool stuff to show you. Is it morbid if i show you something i made for dads funeral? I dunno? Anyway my darlings know you know why I have not been here and remember if you don’t have a will go and get one. Even if you don’t call WSL then find another but just do it. You never know when. x